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There comes a time when we have to not merely examine our lives, but assess our means. Our means? Our means are the mediums, methods or instruments used to obtain a result or achieve a goal. What means are you using to ensure that you can Manifest your dreams? Wishing won't do it. Hoping is great but doesn't move the needle for real, tangible tools to Manifest your goals and desires and taking a look at the how is just as important as the what. 

In Manifestation, the tools that are used to increase self-awareness include meditation, active presence (consciousness), and intention. What is your intention for yourself? Is it to be authentic? To live your truth? To be honest with yourself or others? How can you do any of that without active awareness, a calm mind and a settled Spirit? You can, but it rarely lasts because the staying power is in the daily act of forgiving yourself when you fall short. And you will fall short. We all fall short. But quite often we give up because we think less of ourselves when we don't accomplish what we set out to do. In Manifestation quite often people become impatient in the process. They change trajectory and some even believe they are not worthy. You are worthy. You ARE enough. And while, not everything you want to Manifest shows up as you desire, you must be easy on yourself as the Universe aligns to your Ask, but you must not beat up on yourself or doubt that it is ALL for your good! Sometimes rejection is protection and you must stop wailing for the things that are not designed in Your purpose. 

Forgiveness is an integral part of ridding yourself of doubt, fear and guilt of the things that are perceived to hold you back or not align with the Ask. 

Let go of any sadness, guilt or perceived failings, knowing that the real gift of your live is moving forward in love, light and forgiveness. 


Picking up when life is weighing you down

Welcome to 2021 and the opportunity to begin your Manifestation journey.

Where are you casting most of your attention and is that choice dragging you down?

Anyone who knows me knows that I believe in Manifestation and that entails a great deal of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual effort because you must consciously and repeatedly decide where to cast your attention. I could cast my attention fully on the events around the globe and wring my hands or get angry over things I can't control or I can get down to the business of what I can control. It's hard to be positive and not feel overwhelmed in this world right now as the fatigue of things settle in, but it's a HUGE part of being prepared for the other side after the storm. I recently read a story that said scientists who were working on jets breaking the sound barrier kept stopping at 767 mph because of all the rattling and fear the pilots (the person controlling the vessel, just like you) were experiencing. Little did they know that 768 mph would break the speed of sound. A mere 1 mph. In Manifestation to get on the other side you have to choose where you place your thoughts to pick yourself up when you're dragging and for me I go beyond positive affirmations and live what I ask for. Meaning if I need help, I try to be helpful in some way. It keeps me positive and productive. If I am seeking something specific, I do my very best to be patient until the Universe is in alignment. And as I do so, I sprinkle some magic of my life's experiences to pour into my Spirit. I remind myself of the trails of tears I've plodded through, emotional mountains I've climbed, challenges I've overcome and the wisdom I've gained from it all that makes me the person I am today. Someone I can look in the mirror and say..."You are one awesome woman!"

Peace and blessings. Namaste

Patience and perserverance in Manifestation

Patience. It’s very hard to maintain and goes against our very human experience. It makes us crazy and anxious and fearful and sad to wait for things we ask for and yet as a Manifestor, you have very little choice. The Universe requires that we sit still in our “asks” so that it can determine its course and our authenticity in the request. To not do so would place the request in chaos because if you ask and change your mind, give up, don’t do your part, it creates chaos. To manifest your desires, as William James put it, you can tap into Transcendental Power of the Human Mind, but whatever you call it, it is “the belief that ‘it’, (or the transcendental mind)…shows the perfect way for you and that you can tap its unlimited potential to receive…and create the life you desire.” In layman’s terms, what you think about transcends this physical world and just because you don‘t see it in the physical or material realm in this very moment doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It waits for you. It wants to communicate with you, but you must observe through awareness its signals, language and messages that are uniquely positioned for you.  That cannot be done without knowing yourself, knowing your motivations and intentions. I have not personally had mixed results of my “ask” because I am precise. I am willing, open and aware of what is being said, shown and observed. That started with the discipline of meditation, journaling and sitting quietly in my own thoughts visualizing my intended outcomes. None of the things that I have Manifested have been accidental, but quite purposeful and intentional. Remember, Manifestation does not happen overnight. It is consistency, intention, openness, vulnerability, and presence of mind and Spirit that inspires the Universe to move in the direction of your dreams.

We will continue to explore, expand, and elevate your consciousness if you have the desire to do so and I am glad to be a part of your journey as we Manifest, Motivate and Make Things Happen. Until next time. Peace and Blessings.

Transformation to Manifest

Transformation. It is the heart of Manifestation. Being able to look deeply into your heart, examine your mind and motivation, delve into your spiritual center to bring forth the most genuine, internal cues for restoration to manifest the desires of your heart is essential. Transformation is far from easy. It requires real work, the kind of work that can be scary, soul bearing and can sometimes break you (and breaking builds growth), but you can come back stronger, wiser and more capable than ever.  And although transformation can be difficult, reminding yourself that it’s the daily work and the small steps that are key to long-term and lasting results. Your attitude about how you engage with yourself and others matter.  Remaining focused even when things aren't going your way or if there is a hiccup should not permanently derail your ability to manifest. 

It’s not simply about keeping a positive attitude all the time, no one can do that, it’s about a willingness and a commitment to continue to do what it necessary to move the Universe into alignment. But it is continuous, requires perseverance and a dedication to yourself and what you want. You should know that you can develop and maintain any habit, thought or behavior that is suitable and necessary to transform yourself into the best version of yourself, but it must be intentional. Manifestation also called the Law of Attraction, is about intention. What we intend, we manifest which is why intention is SO important. The intention we have is like the root of Manifestation, motivation is like the branches and what is produced are the leaves. Manifestation is the result of alignment and continuous effort. So, today as you manifest your desires, think of what in your life you want to transform and breathe life into it, vibrating on a level that allows the Universe to align to your frequency.

We will continue to explore, expand, and elevate your consciousness if you have the desire to do so and I am glad to be a part of your journey as we Manifest, Motivate and Make Things Happen. Until next time. Peace and Blessings.



Know Thyself

I once heard that the Universe, God, your Source is never in a hurry. We are. It’s the reason we become tired, aggravated, irritable and stressed out. Your wants and desires are already in existence, but we can’t see them through the lens of anxiety, depression or anger. Emotional fragility (which we are all prone to) has a deeper meaning than it would appear. Emotional fragility blocks the essence of the mind, which is the main ingredient in Manifestation. The mind does play tricks on us all, but it can’t do the damage it wants when you know who you are.

Know Thyself is a phrase often heard in broad terms and created to Socrates, but simply means that we must stand in and live according to our nature. We must look at ourselves. And this is very necessary to manifest the desires of your heart because uncertainty With-In is chaos With-Out. This implies that if you are not confident about who you are, you will be all over the place choosing miscellaneous wants and chaos will ensue because without specificity, the Universe delivers mixed results. And it’s all connected. The Universe gives according to our mindset.

So here are three things to consider when manifesting the desires of your heart. What is your mindset? Are you easily swayed, dismayed, angry, depressed?

What are your true intentions? Do you want to get back at someone or wanting something that could hurt someone else?

What is your motivation? Are you motivated purely by money, pride or envy?

These things matter and I invite you to explore the what and the why, but first ask yourself and truly ponder who am I? Who I want to be (not what I want to be, just who I want to be).

As you come to terms of the truth of who you really are and who you really hope to become the Universe aligns the right people, circumstances and opportunities to reflect that mindset. More importantly, you must remain consistent once you understand yourself and before asking for alignment, stay focused and remain vigilant and patient with yourself as you explore.

We will continue to explore, expand, and elevate your consciousness if you have the desire to do so and I am glad to be a part of your journey as we Manifest, Motivate and Make Things Happen. Until next time. Peace and Blessings.



Manifesting the desires of your heart

The Art of Manifestation

In this vast Universe it is far too easy to forget that you have a purpose, a Divine and ultimate role to play in the lives and environments you are a part of in this world. Oftentimes, we can't imagine or see or believe in the vastness of that purpose. It is difficult because the world wants us to believe that we are insignificant and there are people and events that we cannot move into existence of our purpose.  I am here to tell you that is the most incorrect and wildly untrue thought one can ever have. You are here for a very specific purpose, whether it is to birth, nurture and care for others; to build an empire from your sweat and upon your shoulders, or to volunteer to stand in the gap for those that cannot do it for themselves. You must know AND understand that if not for you there is a link that is missing, but more importantly, it is YOUR responsibility to find, unfold, discover and bring your life, your dreams, your purpose forward and NO ONE can do that for you. What's for you

In Manifestation, you have an obligation to pay attention to how the Universe places the people, situations and circumstances in your view so that you are aware of the tools and resources necessary to move toward your goals and purpose. It takes courage and a definitive rising in the Spirit beyond a mere longing for something you desire to move the Universe in alignment with your purpose. 

Here, we will examine, discover, learn and propel your life forward despite obstacles both seen and unknown including the people and habits that may be clouding the ability to move into your purpose. However, if you have anyone who is not supportive or may be a barrier to your purpose or advancement, get a copy of my book Measure Twice, Cut One, Navigating Negativity in Toxic Relationships (available on Barnes and and Amazon).

We will explore, expand, and elevate you if you have the desire to do so and I am glad to be a part of your journey as we Manifest, Motivate and Make Things Happen. Until next time. Peace and Blessings.







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