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Another turn around the sun

So, another birthday is here. We come to a birthday and decide to celebrate it in some extraordinary way, clubs, trips, parties, vacations, etc., but what about the daily celebrations? What about the sheer fact that you woke up, and that if you did, no matter how or where you woke up, you may not ha…

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The family that preys

I recently had a horrible experience with members within the family. Instinctively I was not a fan of these family members but trying to extend grace and an olive branch for the purpose of inclusion, I went against my gut for the umpteenth time, and I once again learned the hard way that when your g…

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Forget the new. Fix the old

Pandemic. Politics. Parents and Professions. Friendships. Love. Intimacy and everything that makes us human has been changed and challenged by current world events.  Now, everything we thought we knew, everything we've done for reasons we thought we understood have become vague, creating a deep sens…

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