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Forget the new. Fix the old

Pandemic. Politics. Parents and Professions. Friendships. Love. Intimacy and everything that makes us human has been changed and challenged by current world events.  Now, everything we thought we knew, everything we've done for reasons we thought we understood have become vague, creating a deep sense of loss and confusion around things we once thought familiar. 

New taglines have emerged like being "woke" or a "patriot" or the "big resignation" have taken hold. All these things still come down to one main force...change.  Did any of us really think for one second as small as we are in this vast Universe, (not solely the Earth, but the Universe) was simply going to stay stagnant because we were slow to change? And with these "new" world views, isn't it still some type of iteration of other periods in time where we needed to reckon with and reconcile who we are, what we want, what our values are, who we want in our space?

The difference now is we were forced into a corner where complacency felt more akin to the hand of death because we were stuck in places and spaces with people who shone a light on the delicacy of human nature. It revealed what unhappiness, abuse and stagnation looks like in the light of day. And it ain't been pretty folks.  So, how do we move forward past the requisite new year's promises and old plans from January and into everyday improvement?

First, we start by taking an honest inventory of who we are. Typically, people look around themselves at other people and situations instead of how they found themselves in the dilemma. Trust me, you'll get more out of self-inventory than any amount of "them" that you can shake a stick at. 

Secondly, we should assess what we can control right now (which is typically only ourselves) and how willing we are to make changes and only start with one thing at a time. Trying to change the way you do things, how you think react or behave is heavy lifting. Choose one and choose wisely.

Devote yourself to authenticity. Who has time to walk around pretending they are okay when they are not? This is why so many people are depressed and overwhelmed. Faking a smile, being around people you dislike, staying in a job with no advancement or joy, not being true to yourself is not self-care it's self-neglect. 

Finally, give some thought about your passion. I do silly things sometimes. I'll swing on a swing. Sing out loud or dance in the streets. Sometimes I walk in the rain or stick my tongue out or make funny faces at a baby while in line. Steal your joy where you can. Small ways of taking back your joy can spur your passion and remind you of what you really want in your life. 

Forget the "new" old ways. Fix the old ways with something new. 


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