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There comes a time when we have to not merely examine our lives, but assess our means. Our means? Our means are the mediums, methods or instruments used to obtain a result or achieve a goal. What means are you using to ensure that you can Manifest your dreams? Wishing won't do it. Hoping is great bu…

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Picking up when life is weighing you down

Welcome to 2021 and the opportunity to begin your Manifestation journey.

Where are you casting most of your attention and is that choice dragging you down?

Anyone who knows me knows that I believe in Manifestation and that entails a great deal of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual effort be…

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Patience and perserverance in Manifestation

Patience. It’s very hard to maintain and goes against our very human experience. It makes us crazy and anxious and fearful and sad to wait for things we ask for and yet as a Manifestor, you have very little choice. The Universe requires that we sit still in our “asks” so that it can determine its co…

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Transformation to Manifest

Transformation. It is the heart of Manifestation. Being able to look deeply into your heart, examine your mind and motivation, delve into your spiritual center to bring forth the most genuine, internal cues for restoration to manifest the desires of your heart is essential. Transformation is far fro…

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Know Thyself

I once heard that the Universe, God, your Source is never in a hurry. We are. It’s the reason we become tired, aggravated, irritable and stressed out. Your wants and desires are already in existence, but we can’t see them through the lens of anxiety, depression or anger. Emotional fragility (which w…

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Manifesting the desires of your heart

The Art of Manifestation

In this vast Universe it is far too easy to forget that you have a purpose, a Divine and ultimate role to play in the lives and environments you are a part of in this world. Oftentimes, we can't imagine or see or believe in the vastness of that purpose. It is difficult be…

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