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There comes a time when we have to not merely examine our lives, but assess our means. Our means? Our means are the mediums, methods or instruments used to obtain a result or achieve a goal. What means are you using to ensure that you can Manifest your dreams? Wishing won't do it. Hoping is great but doesn't move the needle for real, tangible tools to Manifest your goals and desires and taking a look at the how is just as important as the what. 

In Manifestation, the tools that are used to increase self-awareness include meditation, active presence (consciousness), and intention. What is your intention for yourself? Is it to be authentic? To live your truth? To be honest with yourself or others? How can you do any of that without active awareness, a calm mind and a settled Spirit? You can, but it rarely lasts because the staying power is in the daily act of forgiving yourself when you fall short. And you will fall short. We all fall short. But quite often we give up because we think less of ourselves when we don't accomplish what we set out to do. In Manifestation quite often people become impatient in the process. They change trajectory and some even believe they are not worthy. You are worthy. You ARE enough. And while, not everything you want to Manifest shows up as you desire, you must be easy on yourself as the Universe aligns to your Ask, but you must not beat up on yourself or doubt that it is ALL for your good! Sometimes rejection is protection and you must stop wailing for the things that are not designed in Your purpose. 

Forgiveness is an integral part of ridding yourself of doubt, fear and guilt of the things that are perceived to hold you back or not align with the Ask. 

Let go of any sadness, guilt or perceived failings, knowing that the real gift of your live is moving forward in love, light and forgiveness. 


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