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Know Thyself

I once heard that the Universe, God, your Source is never in a hurry. We are. It’s the reason we become tired, aggravated, irritable and stressed out. Your wants and desires are already in existence, but we can’t see them through the lens of anxiety, depression or anger. Emotional fragility (which we are all prone to) has a deeper meaning than it would appear. Emotional fragility blocks the essence of the mind, which is the main ingredient in Manifestation. The mind does play tricks on us all, but it can’t do the damage it wants when you know who you are.

Know Thyself is a phrase often heard in broad terms and created to Socrates, but simply means that we must stand in and live according to our nature. We must look at ourselves. And this is very necessary to manifest the desires of your heart because uncertainty With-In is chaos With-Out. This implies that if you are not confident about who you are, you will be all over the place choosing miscellaneous wants and chaos will ensue because without specificity, the Universe delivers mixed results. And it’s all connected. The Universe gives according to our mindset.

So here are three things to consider when manifesting the desires of your heart. What is your mindset? Are you easily swayed, dismayed, angry, depressed?

What are your true intentions? Do you want to get back at someone or wanting something that could hurt someone else?

What is your motivation? Are you motivated purely by money, pride or envy?

These things matter and I invite you to explore the what and the why, but first ask yourself and truly ponder who am I? Who I want to be (not what I want to be, just who I want to be).

As you come to terms of the truth of who you really are and who you really hope to become the Universe aligns the right people, circumstances and opportunities to reflect that mindset. More importantly, you must remain consistent once you understand yourself and before asking for alignment, stay focused and remain vigilant and patient with yourself as you explore.

We will continue to explore, expand, and elevate your consciousness if you have the desire to do so and I am glad to be a part of your journey as we Manifest, Motivate and Make Things Happen. Until next time. Peace and Blessings.



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