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Manifesting the desires of your heart

The Art of Manifestation

In this vast Universe it is far too easy to forget that you have a purpose, a Divine and ultimate role to play in the lives and environments you are a part of in this world. Oftentimes, we can't imagine or see or believe in the vastness of that purpose. It is difficult because the world wants us to believe that we are insignificant and there are people and events that we cannot move into existence of our purpose.  I am here to tell you that is the most incorrect and wildly untrue thought one can ever have. You are here for a very specific purpose, whether it is to birth, nurture and care for others; to build an empire from your sweat and upon your shoulders, or to volunteer to stand in the gap for those that cannot do it for themselves. You must know AND understand that if not for you there is a link that is missing, but more importantly, it is YOUR responsibility to find, unfold, discover and bring your life, your dreams, your purpose forward and NO ONE can do that for you. What's for you

In Manifestation, you have an obligation to pay attention to how the Universe places the people, situations and circumstances in your view so that you are aware of the tools and resources necessary to move toward your goals and purpose. It takes courage and a definitive rising in the Spirit beyond a mere longing for something you desire to move the Universe in alignment with your purpose. 

Here, we will examine, discover, learn and propel your life forward despite obstacles both seen and unknown including the people and habits that may be clouding the ability to move into your purpose. However, if you have anyone who is not supportive or may be a barrier to your purpose or advancement, get a copy of my book Measure Twice, Cut One, Navigating Negativity in Toxic Relationships (available on Barnes and and Amazon).

We will explore, expand, and elevate you if you have the desire to do so and I am glad to be a part of your journey as we Manifest, Motivate and Make Things Happen. Until next time. Peace and Blessings.





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