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Patience and perserverance in Manifestation

Patience. It’s very hard to maintain and goes against our very human experience. It makes us crazy and anxious and fearful and sad to wait for things we ask for and yet as a Manifestor, you have very little choice. The Universe requires that we sit still in our “asks” so that it can determine its course and our authenticity in the request. To not do so would place the request in chaos because if you ask and change your mind, give up, don’t do your part, it creates chaos. To manifest your desires, as William James put it, you can tap into Transcendental Power of the Human Mind, but whatever you call it, it is “the belief that ‘it’, (or the transcendental mind)…shows the perfect way for you and that you can tap its unlimited potential to receive…and create the life you desire.” In layman’s terms, what you think about transcends this physical world and just because you don‘t see it in the physical or material realm in this very moment doesn’t mean it isn’t there. It waits for you. It wants to communicate with you, but you must observe through awareness its signals, language and messages that are uniquely positioned for you.  That cannot be done without knowing yourself, knowing your motivations and intentions. I have not personally had mixed results of my “ask” because I am precise. I am willing, open and aware of what is being said, shown and observed. That started with the discipline of meditation, journaling and sitting quietly in my own thoughts visualizing my intended outcomes. None of the things that I have Manifested have been accidental, but quite purposeful and intentional. Remember, Manifestation does not happen overnight. It is consistency, intention, openness, vulnerability, and presence of mind and Spirit that inspires the Universe to move in the direction of your dreams.

We will continue to explore, expand, and elevate your consciousness if you have the desire to do so and I am glad to be a part of your journey as we Manifest, Motivate and Make Things Happen. Until next time. Peace and Blessings.

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