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Picking up when life is weighing you down

Welcome to 2021 and the opportunity to begin your Manifestation journey.

Where are you casting most of your attention and is that choice dragging you down?

Anyone who knows me knows that I believe in Manifestation and that entails a great deal of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual effort because you must consciously and repeatedly decide where to cast your attention. I could cast my attention fully on the events around the globe and wring my hands or get angry over things I can't control or I can get down to the business of what I can control. It's hard to be positive and not feel overwhelmed in this world right now as the fatigue of things settle in, but it's a HUGE part of being prepared for the other side after the storm. I recently read a story that said scientists who were working on jets breaking the sound barrier kept stopping at 767 mph because of all the rattling and fear the pilots (the person controlling the vessel, just like you) were experiencing. Little did they know that 768 mph would break the speed of sound. A mere 1 mph. In Manifestation to get on the other side you have to choose where you place your thoughts to pick yourself up when you're dragging and for me I go beyond positive affirmations and live what I ask for. Meaning if I need help, I try to be helpful in some way. It keeps me positive and productive. If I am seeking something specific, I do my very best to be patient until the Universe is in alignment. And as I do so, I sprinkle some magic of my life's experiences to pour into my Spirit. I remind myself of the trails of tears I've plodded through, emotional mountains I've climbed, challenges I've overcome and the wisdom I've gained from it all that makes me the person I am today. Someone I can look in the mirror and say..."You are one awesome woman!"

Peace and blessings. Namaste

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