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Transformation to Manifest

Transformation. It is the heart of Manifestation. Being able to look deeply into your heart, examine your mind and motivation, delve into your spiritual center to bring forth the most genuine, internal cues for restoration to manifest the desires of your heart is essential. Transformation is far from easy. It requires real work, the kind of work that can be scary, soul bearing and can sometimes break you (and breaking builds growth), but you can come back stronger, wiser and more capable than ever.  And although transformation can be difficult, reminding yourself that it’s the daily work and the small steps that are key to long-term and lasting results. Your attitude about how you engage with yourself and others matter.  Remaining focused even when things aren't going your way or if there is a hiccup should not permanently derail your ability to manifest. 

It’s not simply about keeping a positive attitude all the time, no one can do that, it’s about a willingness and a commitment to continue to do what it necessary to move the Universe into alignment. But it is continuous, requires perseverance and a dedication to yourself and what you want. You should know that you can develop and maintain any habit, thought or behavior that is suitable and necessary to transform yourself into the best version of yourself, but it must be intentional. Manifestation also called the Law of Attraction, is about intention. What we intend, we manifest which is why intention is SO important. The intention we have is like the root of Manifestation, motivation is like the branches and what is produced are the leaves. Manifestation is the result of alignment and continuous effort. So, today as you manifest your desires, think of what in your life you want to transform and breathe life into it, vibrating on a level that allows the Universe to align to your frequency.

We will continue to explore, expand, and elevate your consciousness if you have the desire to do so and I am glad to be a part of your journey as we Manifest, Motivate and Make Things Happen. Until next time. Peace and Blessings.



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